10ft Pinewood Spruce Indoor 3m

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The Pinewood Spruce Christmas tree is designed to be a strong yet very competitively priced model with INDOOR and OUTDOOR versions and Pre lit or unlit options.


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10ft Pinewood Spruce Indoor 3m

The Pinewood Spruce Christmas tree is designed to be a strong yet very competitively priced model with INDOOR and OUTDOOR versions and Pre lit or unlit options.

* The tree is based on a similar quality of branch panels as for our Paramount Spruce, but with less tips
* In these smaller sizes, the frame is specially designed to reduce weight and save cost where overcoming wind-resistance requires less strength.
* An Australian Engineer has been involved in the design process

Like the Paramount outdoor version, and like any outdoor structure,
customers will require their own engineer to supervise the installation.


Our Pinewood Spruce Christmas tree is manufactured individually, and we therefore need all orders to be placed before the end of July each year for delivery October or November.


  • Made with 6½ cm wide PVC soft needles foliage
  • 3623 tips – foliage
  • 138 branches in total
  • 4 branch panels 1m high with 20 hinged branches on each panel secured to a central support pole 80 branches in total. Each panel clips onto the frame
  • 2 x 1m tree poles with 58 branches for the top 2m. The Tree poles slot into each other
  • Each tip has a strong/stiff wire in the centre to help maintain shape and for attaching ornaments.
  • A base diameter of 2.3m
  • The centre support pole of each of the branch panel is secured onto the frame at two points
  • The metal frame is made of strong steel sections that easily bolt together
  • The OUTDOOR tree has UV inhibited PVC foliage, with galvanised wire in the tips
  • The OUTDOOR tree has galvanised branch rods
  • The OUTDOOR frame is powder coated and bolts onto a 6-leg Outdoor Base, onto which sandbags* or concrete blocks* can be placed to make the tree stable in windy situations. Please note that in expected high wind conditions the tree will need to be dis-assembled for safety reasons
  • The frame can be climbed upon during construction and assembly. Please check your local safety requirements
  • An assembly instruction booklet and CD with detailed assembly photos is supplied
  • The tree can be erected in a short period of time
  • A 5 year warranty for the Outdoor version
  • A 10 year warranty for the Indoor version
  • 4 x Strong cardboard cartons to store the panels and frame ready for the next season
  • Branches come close to the floor
  • Colour: Dark Green
  • An Australian Structural Engineers certificate can be supplied, if required, for a nominal cost

* Weight of concrete blocks or sandbags will depend on location

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Additional information

Weight 1458.00000000 kg
Floor Space Required



No of Tips



Branch Type

4 x 1m high panels of hinged branches which CLIP-ON to the frame around the outside
2 x 1m connecting poles of hinged branches to make 2 metres for the upper tree






Height Range

8 to 10ft


Full Trees


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